ISIS Private Detective Agency and Information Broker

ISIS - Investigative Services Information Source

I.S.I.S. is a licensed and insured private detective agency and information broker catering primarily to Attorneys & Business Executives.

As of 2006, I.S.I.S., your premier investigation firm and information source located in Newnan, GA, has merged with our affiliate of the past 10 years, HORNE Investigations, Inc., formerly a leading private detective firm in Georgia. Since the merger, we can now provide for virtually all information, investigation, and surveillance needs.

Process Service

Attorney Intelligence &
Process Service

In legal issues, what you don't know can hurt you. Timely and accurate information can make the crucial difference between success and failure. If your practice involves litigation in Criminal, Divorce, Family Law, Accident defense, Probate, Insurance Fraud or Workers Compensation defense, ISIS can help you with vital intelligence, investigation, people locator, and process service.

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