ISIS Private Detective Agency and Information Broker

Finding Lost Friends, Relatives and other Information

Have you lost contact with old friends? Need to find relatives or old classmates? Now you too have access to the most advanced locational tools available. Let us help find someone special. Our network extends beyond State boundaries.

Do you have a judgment against someone but have been unable to collect because you cannot find any assets? Depending on your State, you have options to collect such as a Writ of Execution or a Writ of Garnishment, but you still need to know what & where the assets are. ISIS Intelligence can help you locate assets.

Need to find and identify assets for settling a judgment? You could try to find them yourself or rely on our years of successful experience at asset investigation.

Need to locate a competent Private Investigator in your locale? We will be happy to refer you to highly qualified PI's who are members of NAIS (National Association of Investigative Specialists).

Whatever your Intelligence needs, call ISIS! Chances are good that we can fulfil your requirements or refer you to someone who can.

Research Description
Criminal Background or Civil Docket Research County Courthouse docket scans will determine ALL criminal arrests or convictions except Federal. (Federal also available) Statewide scans will determine felony convictions only, without signed release: with release get misdemeanors and pleas. Some States slightly higher.
Asset Search Business and individual. Results may include Real Property, Aircraft, Watercraft, Possible Motor Vehicles, Judgements, Tax Liens, UCC Records, Civil Records, Corporate Affiliations, Corporate Officers and Bankruptcies and Foreclosures.

For additional information or pricing, e-mail us at ISIS Intelligence Intelligence Searches performed for private (non-Attorney) Individuals will require pre-payment of fees prior to our initiating any search. We appologize in advance for any inconvience that this policy may cause.