ISIS Private Detective Agency and Information Broker

Risk Managers, Human Resource Managers and Security Managers

If you are responsible for Risk Management or Human Resources, ISIS can tailor intelligence packages specifically for your needs. Background checks (including criminal background), drug screening programs, pre-employment honesty profiling, undercover investigations, surveillance on suspected fraudulent activity and much more.

There is an adage that advises one to "spend a dime to save a buck". Global competition requires effective financial control of business, yet while executives focus on growth strategies and expense control, there is a tendency to overlook some very real cost avoidance or reduction opportunities. Consider the following:

According to recently estimates, upwards of 50% of short-term and 25% of long-term Workers Compensation claimants are intent upon defrauding the system, costing employers immeasurable loss in increased rates and lost productivity.

Many companies will thoroughly screen candidates for managerial positions yet neglect spending the time or effort to investigate and screen candidates for less visible positions.
Unfortunately it is from within this group of employees where possibly the greatest exposure lies: exposure to petty theft, drug related injuries, insurance fraud and in some cases, embezzlement.

Business exposure to personal injury liability lawsuit is growing exponentially. Watch TV for a few hours and you will see Attorneys soliciting "injured on the job" cases. What would be your liability for faked injuries from unwitnessed falls in your factory floor or retail outlets?

There are people out there who want a free ride and want YOU to pay for it. Of course, it is your choice to ignore the possibility of being a victim or taking positive steps now to minimize your risk.

Would you know if you hired a felon or drug addict or that a new-hire has a history of abusive or destructive behavior? Would their previous employers tell you? Are your long term Workers Compensation claimants really injured or are they soaking you? How can you determine whether lawsuits for injury against you are real or fraudulent?

Judge for yourself. Review our list of available Employment Intelligence. Numerous business and Governmental Agencies, using these sources in conjunction with the surveillance resources of HORNE Investigations, have been able to significantly reduce their exposure to these types of risk.

Research Description
Employment Locator Locate and verify your subject's place of employment.
Criminal Background or Civil Docket Research County Courthouse docket scans will determine ALL criminal arrests or convictions except Federal. (Federal also available) Statewide scans will determine felony convictions only, without signed release: with release get misdemeanors and pleas. Some States slightly higher.
Asset Search Business and individual. Results may include Real Property, Aircraft, Watercraft, Possible Motor Vehicles, Judgements, Tax Liens, UCC Records, Civil Records, Corporate Affiliations, Corporate Officers and Bankruptcies and Foreclosures.