ISIS Private Detective Agency and Information Broker

Attorneys in Private, Corporate or Government Practice

In legal issues, what you don't know can hurt you. Timely and accurate information can make the crucial difference between success and failure.

If your practice involves litigation in Criminal, Divorce, Family Law, Accident defense, Probate, Insurance Fraud or Workers Compensation defense, ISIS can help you with vital intelligence, investigation, people locator, and process service.

How much and where are the assets? What about bank accounts or perhaps mutual funds? If not in Georgia, maybe New Jersey or even Nevada? Is there real property, real estate, aircraft, yachts or maybe ownership in a business? Do you need to know these things?

In another case your defendant needs that reluctant star witness who has just left town. Where would he/she most likely go? How can you find out?

How about that so-called Expert Witness... is he/she real? Is there anything in the past that might discredit or cast reasonable doubt? Would you like to know?

What about their key witness... where is he/she? Are there any outstanding judgments or criminal records in other states that you don't know about? Would this help your case?

Would detailed records benefit your client? Credit card records, phone call records, Medical records, insurance carriers, business intelligence? It's all available IF you know where and how to find it!

Research Description
Full Skiptrace/
ID Locate
Nationwide. Over 90% successful find rate. This search is based on multiple database and public record research. For the more difficult to locate. Database search plus extensive telephone investigation with neighbors, property and property tax records, landlords, utilities, voter records, family members, departments of correction records and USPS change of address.
Process Service Once subject's residence has been verified, we will serve, not just attempt to serve, your papers. Rush services available for additional fee. ** See footnote 2 (no mileage charge in Coweta County)
Criminal Background or Civil Docket Research County Courthouse docket scans will determine ALL criminal arrests or convictions except Federal. (Federal also available) Statewide scans will determine felony convictions only, without signed release: with release get misdemeanors and pleas. Some States slightly higher.
Asset Search Business and individual. Results may include Real Property, Aircraft, Watercraft, Possible Motor Vehicles, Judgements, Tax Liens, UCC Records, Civil Records, Corporate Affiliations, Corporate Officers and Bankruptcies and Foreclosures.